Debate EP

by St. Tropez

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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


St. Tropez Amsterdam, Netherlands

Four guys making garage-punk in a former gay sauna by the canals of Amsterdam.

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Track Name: Democracy
Let me take a little time, room for contemplation
This is not a show it’s the future of a nation
Millions on the run, and it’s not gonna stop
Are you outta your mind you want immigration to stop?
And there’s all these lies that they want you to believe
It is so messed up and they call it democracy.

Did you get what you wanted, did you get it on time
Did you get what you needed, are you really satisfied
Are you scared to fight, are you scared to choose
How can you accuse when you’re afraid to loose
And the louder you scream the more power you get
And the bigger the hate more FEAR, democracy

Media thrive on populist statements
Middle class slackers are lacking engagement
It is all right if you want them to stop
Get on the fucking street and you tell them to stop
Cause if everything’s a lie, then who do you believe
If dreams are naive then what is democracy?
Track Name: Debate
poison, democrat, party, candidate, poison, debate, party, voter, role, personality, debate, apple, peach, democrat, democrat, party, democrat
Track Name: Too Big To Fail
Too big to fail,
I said too big to fail

Spend it well
Spend it well
You only get one chance to go to hell

I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I might just lose it
Lose my mind

My friend John he’s a banker
All my friends call him a banker
He’s making money, so he don’t care
He’s almost got enough to get him out of there

Too big to fail
Too big to fail

Look away look away
First they will try but in the end they will pay
Look away look away
First they will cry but end in the end we all pay
Track Name: Partly Cloudy
I got myself some new information
I got myself and I don’t need you

no truth
do i really feel it
no lies
just politics

Partly cloudy

postmodern realizations
i got myself and i don’t need you

to be naive
to try and be a hero
to believe
it’s just politics